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Cleaning Salt Cell:

Chemical Adjust. / Treatments:

Filter Cleaning:

There are many different types of chemicals used in treating pool water, each one with a different action as well as a reaction to the chemical make-up of the body of water.

• Water Testing & Balancing
• Chlorine
• Salt
• pH
• Algaecides
• Alkalinity
• Shock
• Calcium
• Phosphates
• Conditioner
• Metals

One Time Services

• The salt cell is typically located in-line with your plumbing. Over a period of time calcium and minerals will build up on the plates within the cell, blocking the electrical current and preventing the cell from doing its job to turn salt into chlorine for your pool.
• We recommend inspecting and cleaning salt cells every month.
Preventive maintenance is always an excellent way to prevent costly repairs.
We offer wide variety of services to make your pool more enjoyable while protecting the investment of your pool and the health of your family.

• A clean filter greatly aids in maintaining a clean and healthy pool.

• An average cartridge filter can hold between 20-45 pounds of dirt.

• Its recommended backwashing/cleaning your filter every other month.

• A dirty filter can cause additional load on your filter pump, causing excessive energy usage.